Sunday, September 6, 2015


Sir Joey Owl was excited!  He perched very straight on Princess Rosie's shoulder inside the Royal Car with Queen Mommy at the wheel.  He was indeed honored to be included in the Royal plans for the day. 
It didn't take long to get to the playground, only a few minutes.  Sir Joey Owl could have gotten them there faster by giving them a lift on his back, but not without some serious Ozzie Gnome Magick, and by the time they all got into the woods, pleaded with Ozzie and actually took flight, the car would have been faster anyway.  Might have been fun to fly them though, Sir Joey Owl thought, wondering if he'd been a little more patient the flight on his back would have been more exciting for Queen Mommy and Princess Rosie.  Oh well, there was always next time. 
Princess Rosie squirmed in her car-seat upon arrival at the park.  "Hurry, Mommy!  Hurry!" she said, impatient to be going to play.  "Ouch!" she squealed suddenly. 
"What happened?" Queen Mommy flung Princess Rosie's door open. 
"I pinched my finger on the seat belt thingy!" Princess Rosie said, holding her finger, red and almost bleeding up to Queen Mommy for inspection. 
"You're Guardian Angel was watching over you, Princess Rosie," Sir Joey Owl said, "That could have been much worse.  Perhaps she's giving you a chance to be more patient next time and wait for Queen Mommy to help you."
"Guardian Angel?  What's that?"
"It's your own personal angel who watches over you when you're by yourself, or when others aren't watching for a moment, like when Queen Mommy was coming around the car to help you out."  Sir Joey Owl explained. 
"A real angel, just for me?" Princess Rosie asked, her eyes wide.
"Just for you," Queen Mommy said, agreeing with Sir Joey Owl.  "Everybody has one."
"Well, she let me get hurt!" Princess Rosie said.
"Well, you have to cooperate a little with her, Princess Rosie, you have to know a little bit about when to wait for help and be patient," Sir Joey Owl said.
"Okay.  I guess I should have waited for Mommy," Princess Rosie admitted. 
"Very wise of you to think of that," Sir Joey Owl said, proud of the princess for being both forgiving and for knowing when she'd made a mistake.
"Let's go!" Princess Rosie said, running ahead, Sir Joey Owl flying just above her shoulder.  She leapt onto the nearest swing and tried to climb onto it.  It was a high swing, for older kids, and she slipped off the edge and plopped on her butt on the cork cushioned ground beneath. 
She looked around her at the other kids.  No one seemed to notice, but how embarrassing!  She stood up quickly and brushed off her royal butt. 
"You okay, Princess Rosie?" Sir Joey Owl asked, swooping back and forth to the rhythm of the little boy swinging on the next swing. 
"You sure I have a guardian angel?" Princess Rosie asked her friend while Queen Mommy lifted her onto the swing and gave her a couple of starter pushes. 
"Of course I'm sure.  You just ran ahead of her.  And maybe she's trying to teach you a thing or two about patience!"  Sir Joey Owl said, mentioning the "P" word again. 
"And she seems to be doing her job," Queen Mommy said, sitting on another swing, and pushing herself.  "You didn't get hurt.  She could have let the swing bonk you in the head, but she didn't." 
Sir Joey Owl nodded.  "Better be patient Princess Rosie, next time she might decide the swing should knock a little patience into you," he kidded her. 
"That was mean!"  Princess Rosie said, on the verge of tears.  "That's against the Princess Rosie Golden Rule to treat other people and things the way you would want to be treated!"  Princess Rosie said, almost ready to cry. 
"Princess Rosie, I'm sorry.  I was only joking.  Sometimes, in order to make a point, a friend will use humor.  Sometimes when we laugh about things, we remember them better.  I was just teasing you a little to make you laugh about having patience, so you would remember what I said with a smile." 
"Oh.  So you really don't think my Guardian Angel will hit me with a swing?" Princess Rosie calmed down a lot. 
"Of course not!  Your Guardian Angel loves you!  But she does want you to learn to be patient so you don't put yourself in danger!"  Sir Joey Owl said. 
"Okay.  What's her name?" Princess Rosie asked, hopping off the swing and heading for the sliding board. 
"Angela.  Her name is Angela, which means Angel!  That way it's easy to remember!" Queen Mommy said, following Princess Rosie to the sliding board. 
"Angela the angel," Princess Rosie tried the name out.  "It's beautiful.  Like a poem."
"Yes," Queen Mommy agreed.  "Need some help on the ladder?"
Princess Rosie started to just climb up, then thought for a second.  "I think I can do it myself, but would you stand close by just in case?"
Queen Mommy and Sir Joey Owl looked at each other and smiled.  "I sure will, Princess Cutie Butt!"
Princess Rosie got to the top of the ladder and plopped herself down on the slide and Whoosh!  Down the slide she flew, with Sir Joey Owl swooping right along with her.  Of course he was three feet above her shoulders, showing off his gliding skills. 
Like lightning Princess Rosie climbed the ladder again and again so she and Sir Joey Owl could slide and glide together for almost an hour.  Until both of them were pooped! 
Queen Mommy checked her wristwatch and tapped her finger on her chin in thought.  "You know what I think?" she said.
"What?" Princess Rosie asked, hoping her mommy would have a fun idea…and one that maybe meant going somewhere in the car, for she and Sir Joey Owl needed the rest!
"I think…" Queen Mommy started. 
"What?" Princess Rosie pleaded for her mother to finish the thought, the suspense was killing her! 
"Maybe…" Queen Mommy started heading for the car, with Princess Rosie and Sir Joey Owl following closely along, not even noticing that they were leaving the playground. 
"Maybe what???" Princess Rosie begged now as Sir Joey Owl landed on her shoulder as Queen Mommy unlocked the car door and helped Princess Rosie into her car seat. 
"I think maybe it's time."  Queen Mommy said, and closed the door, leaving Princess Rosie, Sir Joey Owl perched on her shoulder, to practice her patience until she got around to her side of the car and got in. 
"Queen Mommy, is this an attempt at humor?  To keep us waiting until we burst?" Sir Joey Owl asked, the little twinkle in his eye a sure sign that he was amused. 
"Perhaps!" Queen Mommy admitted. 
"Oh goody!  I do so enjoy a good joke, don't you, Princess Rosie?"  Sir Joey Owl shivered his wings in joy. 
Princess Rosie tried to enjoy being teased as well, but it was getting hard to be patient.  "Come on, Mommy!  What is your idea?"
"I think root beer floats would be just the thing to cool us off and fill our tummies!" Queen Mommy said, already pulling up in front of the Royal Dairy Queen. 
Princess Rosie clapped, waiting for Queen Mommy to reach in and unhook her seat belt. 
"Good job Princess Cutie Butt!" Queen Mommy said as Princess Rosie climbed out, Sir Joey Owl perched on her shoulder.  "No pinched fingers this time!  Yay!"
"Well, as Princess Rosie of Rosieland, I can't be all bruised and scarred, what would my subjects think of Angela!" Princess Rosie said, leading the way to the counter.  "And besides, patience is a good thing for a princess to have, don't you think, Sir Joey Owl?"
"Oh yes, Princess Rosie, patience and a root beer float!  Just the thing!"  Sir Joey Owl said from her shoulder, licking his beak, trying to be as patient as Princess Rosie. 
Angela smiled, watching over Princess Rosie's shoulder, glad to know that her small charge would be being more careful from now on, and more patient.  It made a guardian angel's job so much easier!         

The End.


  1. Oh, oh! I don't have any patience. Can I get a treat too, Terri? Great story.


    1. You have sooooo much more patience than me, Blaze McRob. Thank you for the kind compliment. I loved writing these stories for Rosie. I used to read them to her on Skype. :D

    2. That's a cool way to read stories, Terri! I'm Skype handicapped. Hmm.