Friday, October 9, 2015


Grandma Crystal and Nana Terri sat across from one another, gazing down into the crystal ball on the small, dusty table in the attic. 
It was all they could do not to roll on the floor laughing their butts off. 
"He was so worried about leaving, about not having anyone to play with, about us being lonely for him and Rosie too," Grandma Crystal said, smiling. 
"Well, it sure didn't take him long," Nana Terri said and giggled. 
"I knew it wouldn't, and I got the vibes through the ball that the friend would be unusual, but," Grandma Crystal snorted laughter, shaking her head, gesturing with her hand toward the crystal ball.  "Never in a million years could I have dreamed this up!"  Both grandmothers melted into hysterical laughter as the action picked up inside the ball…

…and inside Kid Joey's house. 
"This is where you go…you know…"
"What?" Sir Winston Howard Ignatius Pendragon asked, never really having used a human bathroom before.  The facetious question "Does a bear poop in the woods does not only apply to bears of course, but birds, raccoons, deer, bugs, bobcats, skunks and yes - dragons. 
And you can always tell dragon poop from everyone else's, as you can imagine. 
"Wow!  Your poop STINKS!"  Kid Joey held his nose and wiped tears from his eyes while Kato pranced back and forth in the hallway outside the bbathroom door, whimpering and finally barking. 
WHIP flung open the door and Kid Joey eyes widened at the sight. 
"It's on fire!"
"Surely not, sir!"
"It's smoking!"  Kid Joey said and Kato barked in alarm, running up and down the length of the hall in very nearly a panic by then.  "Did you flush it?"
"Of course not!  It's a perfectly good heat source!"
"It's melting the toilet!" Kid Joey barked at his new-found friend.  "Now flush it!"
"I don't know how," WHIP admitted in a hushed voice, somewhat embarrassed. 
"Well I'm not going near it," Kid Joey said adamantly. 
Kato darted between the dragon and his best buddy, (outside of Rosie, Kid Joey's sister whose bed he shared) and bolted toward the toxic toilet.  He gave a little hop up onto his hind legs, and batted the toilet handle with a front paw, solving the problem. 
Steam rose from the toilet after its swirling water extinguished the smoldering embers of dragon poop. 
"And THAT is why I rarely each tacos with Fire Sauce!" Sir WHIP said with an air of indignance as he strutted on through the hall and out and door to the back yard. 
Kato cast one last worried glance over his shoulder at the toilet, the steam having fogged up the bathroom mirror before it finally faded away, then hurried after his friends. 
Outside in the back yard towards the back fene, Kid Joey and Sir WHIP stood looking down at yet another smoking - something - in the grass. 
Kato approached carefully, his ears back, his usual playfulness up in smoke for the momebt.  Specifically, dragon smoke, Kato thought.  His tail had drifted between his legs, but he stepped up - he was no scaredy cat!  He was a Blue Tick Mutt!  He was friend and protector of Kid Joey!  (Well, maybe that was the other way around most of the time, but still, he was no scaredy cat.)  What now, he wondered. 
"He says his sinuses are bothering him.  He has allergies, actually," Kid Joey explained.  He nodded down at the smoking clump in the grass.  "He hocked that up a minute ago.  We got the fire out pretty fast." 
Sir WHIP who'd shrunken himself down to knee height, so that his loogies wouldn't present so much danger to his friends, sniffed loudly and apologized.
"Perhaps, Kid Joey, there is something that grows in your yard tthat is bothering me.  A walk might be in order." 
"Or maybe a flight?" Kid Joey suggested. 
Kato sat back on his haunches, not quite wimping out, but not quite thrilled about climbing aboard Air Pendragon either.  What would he hold onto?
Kid Joey got Kato's leash from the hook inside the kitchen door and hooked it to his harness.  He climbed onto WHIP's head and slid down his neck, straggling his shoulder as he had the first time he'd ridden on him. 
Kato leape up onto the dragon's head and slid into Kid Joey's waiting arms and suddenly there was a great roar, a ball of fire, and Kid Joey, with Kato in his arms, was blown clear off WHIP's back to the grass. 
For the dragon had sneezed. 
Which, by the way, had made him fart too. 

And thus the yard was on fire! 


Grandma Crystal smacked the crystal ball a couple of times.  "Drat!  It went all smokey!"
"That dragon's gonna be a problem," Nana Terri said.  "You think they're okay?"
"We should call and see." 


Can Kid Joey get the fire out in time to keep WHIP's secret?
Come back to the RoJo Adventure Blog next week to find out!

TD - 10/9/2015

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