Sunday, October 25, 2015


Rosie and Sir Joey Owl
Queen Mommy Time

By Terri DelCampo

Sir Joey Owl flew into Princess Rosie's room through her window one afternoon without even perching first on the windowsill because he was concerned about his friend. 
He looked down at her bed, and grew even more concerned.  Princess Rosie was crying, her lovely butterfly pillowcase all wet. 
Sir Joey Owl perched on the footboard of Princess Rosie's bed and looked her over.  She didn't seem to be hurt anywhere on the outside, so that was good.  It meant though, that the hurt was on the inside, probably her feelings.  That was not so good.
"Whatever is the problem, Princess Rosie?" Sir Joey Owl asked softly, so as not to startle her. 
She cried harder.
Sir Joey Owl landed on her pillow, and lifted a clump of Princess Rosie's hair off her face with his beak, and laid it back over her shoulder. 
"When you feel calm enough, you can tell me the trouble, and we'll see if we can't figure it out, like we always do."  Sir Joey Owl offered, and wiggled his butt until his feathers hung over his feet, just so, and began waiting for his friend to settle down.
"My mommy doesn't love me anymore!"  Princess Rosie wailed, and buried her face in her pillow. 
Sir Joey Owl frowned at that one.  He'd never heard anything so silly in all his life, for no one loved anyone, anywhere any more than Queen Mommy and King Daddy loved Princess Rosie. 
"Why would you ever say such a ridiculous thing?" Sir Joey Owl asked. 
"Because it's true!  She wants to get rid of me!  She told me to go to my room and find something to do!"
Sir Joey Owl nodded, his wisdom already working inside his head to come up with answers for his friend. 
"Were you maybe in Queen Mommy's way while she was cleaning the palace?"
"No!" Now Princess Rosie sat up, folded her arms and pouted an angry little pout, looking very unprincessy. 
"Are you sure, Princess Rosie?  Sometimes we can be in the way without meaning to." 
"She made me sad."
"I'm sure she didn't mean to, Princess Rosie, what did she say exactly?"
"That she wanted to be by herself for a little while and that I should go to my room and find something to do." 
"Oh!  Is that all?"  Sir Joey Owl sighed in relief.  "She just wants Mommy Time!"
"What's that?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Mommy Time is a little time each day when mommies sit quietly and read, or relax, or write something, or have a cup of tea all by themselves with no one else around, so they can think their Mommy thoughts in peace and quiet.  My mommy kicks me out of the nest almost every day for awhile.  That's why I spend so much time hanging out here at the palace with you!" Sir Joey Owl explained. 
Princess Rosie didn't quite get it.  "But I could be really quiet, and make her some tea, and sit and help her think her mommy thoughts!"
"It doesn't work that way, Princess Rosie," Sir Joey Owl continued.  "If you help her think her thoughts, then they are your thoughts, not hers. And when you make tea with your tea set, it's kindof a game.  Mommies drink special teas to help them relax and build their energy back up so they are ready to play with their children again when Mommy Time is finished." 
"So she's resting up?" Princess Rosie was catching on.
"Yes." Sir Joey Owl said, relieved that she understood. 
"I thought you said my tea was the best you ever tasted?" Princess Rosie's hands were on her hips now. 
"It is, in the land of make-believe.  Especially your ginger tea.  Extraordinary!" Sir Joey Owl said, licking his beak, thinking of the zippy tea with honey to make it sweet. 
"Thank you, Sir Joey Owl."
"You know, Princess Rosie, Mommy Time is good for kids too.  It gives you a chance to use your imagination and find fun things to do all by yourself while Mommy is resting."
"Like drawing her a picture?" Princess Rosie thought of something to do already.
"That's a good one!  Yes!" Sir Joey Owl smiled.
"Or having a pillow fight with your best owl friend?"
Before the words were out of her mouth, Princess Rosie swung her pillow at Sir Joey Owl, who leapt upward and flapped his wings, fluttering away from Princess Rosie before the pillow so much as brushed his tail feathers. 
"Missed me!  Haha!" he hooted, and ducked out the window before she could swing it again. 
"Cheater!" Princess Rosie giggled, tossing the pillow on the bed and hurrying to the window.  Sir Joey Owl perched there and nuzzled his face to Princess Rosie's.  Then he jumped onto her shoulder, careful to keep his talons on the pad that Lady Crystal, Princess Rosie's grandmother, had sewn into her dress. 
Princess Rosie sat down at her royal drawing table and picked up a crayon.  She drew Queen Mommy sitting in a chair with her feet up, reading a book.  And there was a cup of tea on the table next to the chair.  Special Mommy Time Tea.  Mommy had a big smile on her face. 
Just as Princess Rosie put the finishing touches on her picture, Queen Mommy knocked on Princess Rosie's door and stuck her head into the room. 
"Did you have a nice Mommy Time?"  Princess Rosie asked Queen Mommy. 
"Why yes I did, Princess Rosie.  Thank you for understanding and being so quiet.  Would you and Sir Joey Owl like to come into the palace kitchen for a little snack now?"
"Yay!  How about a snack, Sir Joey Owl?" Princess Rosie invited Sir Joey Owl, then turned back to her mother: "And then can we play on the swings?"
"Sure!" Queen Mommy said.
Princess Rosie handed the picture she'd just finished to Queen Mommy. 
"Princess Rosie, is this me?"
"Yes.  With your grown up story book, and your Mommy Time Tea.
"Well this is very nice.  I'm glad you understand about Mommy Time, and that you found something so nice and quiet to do while I was relaxing.  You see, we both can enjoy a little time to ourselves.  It helps us use our imaginations and think of something to do to make ourselves happy.  It's part of growing up.  Learning how to make yourself happy. 
And with that, Queen Mommy headed for the door, and let Princess Rosie lead the way to the palace kitchen, Sir Joey Owl perched on her shoulder.
When they got there, Queen Mommy put Princess Rosie's picture of Mommy Time on the palace refrigerator, to remind everyone that Queen Mommy would have a little Mommy Time every day forevermore.

The End.

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