Friday, October 9, 2015


Long ago Sir Joey Owl's wrote of a very special Royal occasion in his Journal:

I heard while Princess Rosie and I were at play,
That soon there will come a wonderful day
Soon there will be a Royal baby brand new
And the Palace will have a nursery blue.

The prince is coming, though the time will pass slowly,
Queen Mommy announced that he'll be called Joey
To honor me, and King Daddy as well
Though our names are the same, we all know our roles well.

Sir Joey Owl is me, of course, Princess Rosie's friend
Joe Senior is King Daddy, who loves Rosie no end.
And soon Prince Joey will come right along
To cuddle and giggle and learn happy songs.

Several months later Sir Joey Owl wrote of the wondrous occasion:

Today is the day that Prince Joseph was born!
October 14, in the bright sun of morn!
Healthy and happy he smiled up at me,
Then snoozed in the arms of Princess Rosie.

The Princess held him and cuddled him close
Then leaned over to kiss his cute little nose,
And smiled up at me, her heart full of love
As I smiled back and perched on her shoulder above.

It's been over a year since that miracle day
Prince Joey now runs to his sister to play.
First Princess Rosie helped him to walk
And now she's helping him learn how to talk.

The king and the queen have double the joy
Now filling their palace a girl and a boy.
And to watch over them a loyal owl knight
Who guides them and teaches them wrong from right.

But Joey Owl mostly adventure does seek
Which seems always to be just ahead of his beak,
As he flies through the Royal woods he looks down
Catches sight of a pink Princess Rosie gown,

And knows they are in for incredible times
With fairies and gnomes and sea gulls and rhymes.
And now small Prince Joey can join in the fun
Playing along until each day is done.

The End.

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