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After Sir Joey Owl rescued Princess Rosie when she got lost in the Royal Woods after dark, King Daddy awarded him the Medal of Honor for courage and directional skills, and knighted him for protecting his princess with his life. Though a special small version of the medal was made for Sir Joey Owl, it hung heavy on its ribbon about his neck and made him fly crooked and funny. So, while he loved the medal and was proud of his accomplishment, and appreciated being recognized and respected for his skills and loyalty to his princess, he mostly left the medal at home in his nest under the watchful eye of him mommy. 
On the day King Daddy knighted Sir Joey Owl, he also made a decree concerning a Princess Rosie Rule: From that day forward she would be permitted to play in the woods among the trees and little animals, who were all Sir Joey Owl's friends.  She must first tell Queen Mommy or King Daddy that she would be playing in the woods, and that Sir Joey Owl would be accompanying her, and that she would be back inside the palace on time for dinner. 
Both Princess Rosie and Sir Joey Owl agreed to this royal decree, and made a solemn promise to obey the new Princess Rosie Rule at all times. 
One sunny afternoon Princess Rosie put on a royal hoodie jacket and headed for the front door of the palace.  "I'm going into the woods with Sir Joey Owl for a little while.  He said he has something to show me!" Princess Rosie called out to Queen Mommy, and waited in the doorway for an answer. 
"Okay, Princess Cutie Butt, be careful and be back in time for dinner!" Queen Mommy called out from the palace kitchen. 
"Okay!" Princess Rosie answered, already knowing the rule.  With that she pulled the door closed after her and smiled as Sir Joey Owl landed on her shoulder.  Time for another Princess Rosie & Sir Joey Owl adventure, she thought, and they headed for the woods. 
"Walk slowly so you don't miss anything," Sir Joey Owl suggested to Princess Rosie, and she slowed right down, because Sir Joey Owl always gave the best advice.
He pointed out especially beautiful flowers, mushrooms growing on fallen trees, and beautiful birds tucked in the branches of the trees singing their gorgeous songs. 
"Slow down even more, Princess Rosie," Sir Joey Owl said, and Princess Rosie almost came to a stop.  "Are you looking down, because there's something almost at your feet that you will be very excited to see."
Princess Rosie looked down at her feet, and Sir Joey Owl smiled.  "It's not your feet, but low to the ground.  Step in between the trees and take a look." 
Princess Rosie looked at the bottom of the nearest tree and sure enough was amazed at what she saw: The tiniest little door she'd ever seen!
"Sir Joey Owl!  Look at this!  Does it open?" Princess Rosie reached for the little doorknob.
"Wait, Princess Rosie!  You shouldn't just open a door to someone's home like that.  It's much better manners to knock first.  And you must remember that some fairies sleep during the day because they have jobs at night." Sir Joey Owl said. 
Princess Rosie's eyes popped.  'Fairies??  There are fairies in my woods?"
"Of course!  They live in hollow trees trunks.  Where did you think they lived?" Sir Joey Owl said.
Princess Rosie thought about this for a moment.  "Well, I don't know.  I never really thought about it before." 
"Well, you know, they have to rest sometime, they can't fly around forever; their little wings get tired, just like your little legs get tired," Sir Joey Owl said. 
"Are there fairies living in every tree in the woods?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Pretty much just where you see the little doors.  And not all woods.  The woods next to your palace is special because you are nice to fairies and know that they need a safe place to live.  And the animals in your woods are fairy friendly."  Sir Joey Owl said.
Princess Rosie knocked on the door as Sir Joey Owl spoke.
"Hey!  You trying to cave the door in!" a little voice, not much louder than the squeak of a mouse came from over Princess Rosie's head.  She looked up to see a beautiful little fairy hovering there, her wings fluttering madly, sparkling in the daylight.
"Of course not, I wouldn't hurt your door," Princess Rosie said, and the fairy covered her ears. 
"Hello Princess Rosie.  You only have to tap very lightly on fairy doors; big people knocking can hurt our ears, and could you speak very softly?  For the same reason," the fairy squeaked, taking her hands off her ears. 
"Oh, I see, I'm sorry if I knocked too loud," Princess Rosie said softly, understanding that her voice was very loud for little fairy ears. Then Princess Rosie thought for a second and said: "Hey, how did you know my name?"
"Silly princess!  Of course I know who you are.  I know all the children who live within miles of this woods!  I am a tooth fairy," the fairy said, sitting on a mushroom growing at the foot of the tree. 
"A tooth fairy?  What's that?" Princess Rosie asked.
Tasha looked over at Sir Joey Owl, surprised.  "You are falling behind with the lessons, owl," she said, then turned back to Princess Rosie.   "Humans have baby teeth and grownup teeth.  You have baby teeth in your mouth right now, but your grownup teeth are growing down inside your gums.  When you are older, your grownup teeth start to grow up through your gums and push your baby teeth out of the way.  The baby teeth fall out, and you put them under your pillow.  Tooth fairies poof into your room while you're sleeping, and collect your baby teeth and leave you a coin or little present in their place.  Then we poof back out with the tooth; it's our job."
"Job?" Princess Rosie tilted her head.  "Like my daddy has a job?"
"Of course.  All fairies have jobs," the fairy answered.
"What's your name?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Do you live by yourself in this tree?" Princess Rosie asked.
"No.  I live with two other fairies, Sasha and Kasha.  We are all tooth fairies and we fly all over this area to collect little kids' teeth," Tasha said in her little squeaky fairy voice. 
Princess Rosie was surprised.  "There's more than one Tooth Fairy?"
Tasha rolled her eyes.  "Of course, silly!  There are hundreds of teeth to collect every night!  One fairy could never get around to get them all every night.  Only Santa can get everywhere in one night because his magic is much stronger, and besides, he only has to do his thing once a year!  Tooth fairies are on the job every night!"
Princess Rosie nodded, fascinated to learn magical secrets from a real live fairy.  "Do your wings have feathers like Sir Joey Owl?" Princess Rosie looked as closely as she could at Tasha. 
"No feathers on fairy wings.  They are made of fairy dust.  That's why you can see through fairy wings."    
Princess Rosie nodded, being able to look right through Tasha's wings and see the tree behind her.
"I must say, Princess Rosie, you have beautiful teeth!"  Tasha said. 
"Queen Mommy just took Princess Rosie to the dentist for the first time the other day." Sir Joey Owl said. 
Tasha got very excited.  "Really?  Wasn't it fun?  Did the dentist brush your teeth with his special little tiny magic toothbrush?  It tickles your gums."
"I didn't want to open my mouth," Princess Rosie said softly.
"Oh my goodness!  It's fun to get your teeth all pretty and clean at the dentist!  And you don't have to lift a finger!  Next time you go, ask them if they have different flavored toothpaste for the special magic toothbrushes!" Tasha squeaked excitedly.
"Flavors?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Sure!  Sometimes dentists for kids have special flavored toothpastes.  But the magic brushes are really neat!  And the better you and your dentist take care of your teeth, the easier my job is!"  Tasha said. 
Princess Rosie tilted her head, and asked, "Why?"
"Because if they're pretty and clean when they're in your mouth, I don't have to polish them so much when I collect them," Tasha said. 
"What do you do with all the teeth you collect?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Give them back to God, he recycles, you know!" Tasha answered, and then stretched and stood up on top of the mushroom, and flew up into the air, in front of Princess Rosie's face.  "I have to go to sleep now, because I have many teeth to collect tonight.  I will talk to you later, Princess Rosie!  Have a nice day!  You too, Sir Joey Owl!"
"Bye, Tasha!" Princess Rosie said, waving.
"Bye-bye, Tasha!" Sir Joey Owl said, flapping a wing as he perched on a branch high above. 
Tasha landed ever-so-softly on the ground in front of her tiny door and disappeared inside of it, pulling it to behind her with a tiny puff of fairy dust. 
Princess Rosie and Sir Joey Owl continued their walk for a few more minutes. 
"How many different kinds of fairies are there, Sir Joey Owl?" Princess Rosie asked as Sir Joey Owl perched on her shoulder, weary from flying through the whole woods. 
"There are many magical jobs, Princess Rosie.  There are tooth fairies, growing fairies, sleep fairies (also known as sandmen), and Santa's helpers (also known as elves).  And then there are magical beings like good witches, Leprechauns, angels, and unicorns." Sir Joey Owl explained. 
"Do they all live in the palace woods too?" Princess Rosie's eyes widened.
"Maybe.  But most magical beings use some of their magic to stay invisible," Sir Joey Owl said.
"Why?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Because part of magic is mystery.  That's what keeps magic special.  If humans saw the magical world all the time, they would begin to take it for granted, just like cars and houses and food," Sir Joey Owl explained. 
"I like Tasha.  Do you think we'll see her again?" Princess Rosie wondered. 
"Probably.  I think she likes you too.  She'll wonder, I'm sure, how you made out at the dentist the next time you go.  She likes a good human story now and then," Sir Joey Owl said. 
"Just like I like a good fairy story now and then!" Princess Rosie said, smiling her beautiful smile.  "I think I want to go back to the palace and brush my teeth!  Then Tasha won't have to work so hard polishing them when she collects them when I'm bigger." 
"Okay, Princess Rosie!  It's almost time for your dinner anyway," Sir Joey Owl said, leaping off of Princess Rosie's shoulder and flying along just in front and above her to lead the way out of the Royal Woods and back to the palace grounds. 
Queen Mommy saw them coming through the window and opened the door for Princess Rosie and Sir Joey Owl. 
"I want to brush my teeth," Princess Rosie announced as Queen Mommy hugged her. 
"She met Tasha," Sir Joey Owl explained.
"I see.  Okay, Princess Rosie, go ahead.  And wash your hands when you're finished brushing your teeth.  Dinner is almost ready," Queen Mommy said.  "Sir Joey Owl, would you care to join us this evening?"
"No, thank you, Queen Caitlin, my mommy will be having breakfast when the sun goes down.  She will not be happy if I spoil my appetite." 
And with that, Sir Joey Owl gave Princess Rosie a peck on the cheek, and Queen Mommy let him out the door to fly back to the woods and his nest to get a little more sleep before having to get up at sundown for breakfast. 
Princess Rosie waved to him, and wondered what wonderful adventures Sir Joey Owl had in store for her.  She closed the door and headed to the bathroom to start brushing. 
And in her little bed in her home in the hollow tree in the Royal Woods, Tooth Fairy Tasha smiled in her sleep.  

The End

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