Saturday, November 28, 2015


Kato followed Kid Joey through the trees, not letting him out of his sight, because he was exploring ahead on the trail, pretty far ahead of Mom and Dad and Rosie and Brie. 
He looked up and saw Sir WHIP flying above, doing loose loops in the sky, so as not to get too far ahead of the family that had kind of adopted him - well, as far as a fire- breathing dragon can be adopted. 
Kid Joey came to a log that crossed a stream, and started across, and Kato came sliding to a halt, tilted his head, watching Kid Joey hold his arms out, balancing himself on the round thing and take careful steps until he was halfway across the stream. 
That didn't look like a dog thing to do.  It looked pretty scary, in fact, until Kid Joey said, "C'mon boy!  It's okay, you can do it!" and patted his thigh, making a smoochy sound with his lips.  Kato thought that sound was the most hilarious thing ever and sometimes stalled in coming when called just to get Kid Joey to make the sound again and again. 
But now he wasn't stalling, he was truly leery.  He looked at the stream that was probably waist-deep on Kid Joey, and back to the log. 
"C'mon, ya big chicken!" Kid Joey called, making that hilarious sound, which made Kato's tail wiggle, in spite of his fear.  "C'mon!  Rosie's going to get ahead of us!!  Hurry up!" 
Kato placed an unsure paw on the log.  It was sunken into the stream bank and didn't budge or anything, but it was round and hard to steady himself on. He took a step, and gave a little whimper of distress, staring at Kid Joey's face until it laughed. 
"You goofy dog!  Just take it slowly.  And remember, the worst that can happen is you'll fall in the water and have a little swim!  It's a nice day!"
Kato took a couple more steps, and a couple of more, careful to adjust his paws if they began to slide on the curved surface.  And before he knew it, he was standing just behind Kid Joey. 
"See, you can do it!  Silly mutt!" 
Oh yeah? Kato thought, wagging his tail, and he bumped Kid Joey's butt with his nose. 
Well, it was hysterical!  Kid Joey waved his arms, trying to balance, his feet slipping, and he finally tipped to the side. 
Into the little stream Kid Joey plopped!!
But when Kato nosed Kid Joey into the water, he lost his own balance and ker-splashed in right next to him! 
By that time Kid Joey had stood up, and now splashed Kato as he dog-paddled around, enjoying the nice cool water in the hot sun that beat down on his head. 
"Hey!  A swim wasn't part of the plan!" Dad shouted, crossing the log and coming upon his son and dog who were soggily climbing onto the far bank of the stream. 
"Well, maybe not in ours, but it sure was in Kato's!" Kid Joey laughed as Mom (who handed him a towel from the pack on Dad's back) caught up. 
Not to be left out of the fun, when Rosie was halfway across the log, Brie nudged her human sister, who yelped on her way to the cool water, and Brie, though she didn't lose her balance, jumped in to keep Rosie company.  Besides, she liked water too! 
Mom and Dad sat on the log as Kid Joey and Kato joined their sisters (one human, one canine) in the water and splashed and played while Mom and Dad watched, laughing at their antics. 
Above, Sir WHIP circled, unseen by the grownups, because, well, they were grownups and couldn't see magical creatures like him.  He thought swimming looked like fun, but water and fire-breathing dragons didn't mix well.  So he watched over his family while they played, and wondered if Mom put the marshmallows in the pack, for him to toast to make s'mores later…
The End. 

TD - 11/28/2015


Princess Rosie and Joey Owl
Princess Rosie Lives on Earth

Joey Owl flew from his nest in the Royal Woods, swooped and turned right at the Enchanted Pine Tree and soon perched on Princess Rosie's shoulder and nuzzled her smooth face with his own smooth feathered one. 
"It's a beautiful day, Princess Rosie, why are you sitting here looking all bummed out?"  Joey Owl asked. 
"Joey Owl, when I grow up and move away from the palace, how would I ever find my way back home to Queen Mommy and King Daddy?" 
Tears in her eyes upset Joey Owl because he never wanted his friend to be afraid or unhappy, and he immediately soothed her with his wisdom.  "That's easy to answer!  I'm surprised Queen Mommy and King Daddy haven't told you about maps!"
"Maps?" Princess Rosie tilted her head in wonder. 
"Yes, of course!  Maps!  And addresses! And globes!  Oh my, Princess!  We will have a grand time today learning all about them!"  Joey Owl said, smiling, his favorite thing being to share his knowledge with his best friend. 
"I have a globe!  It's in my room!"  Princess Rosie danced herself across the royal lawn and into the palace.  Joey Owl followed close behind her, tilting a little to get his wingspan through the door.  He landed on the globe sitting on Princess Rosie's drawing table. 
"Wonderful, Princess Rosie!  This globe is just big enough for me to perch on to show you a few things about finding your way around," Joey Owl said, wobbling a little, making the globe turn beneath him.  He slipped a little, but wiggled his wings and steadied himself.  Princess Rosie giggled because he looked funny slipping and sliding, sitting on the North Pole.   
"A globe is a hollow ball.  But some globes, like this one, are special.  They have maps on them.  This is a globe of the earth.  There are also globes of the moon, too.  But we're going to learn about getting around on earth before we check out anything else, because the earth is the planet where we live.  You with me so far?" Joey Owl began, and Princess Rosie nodded. 
"See the pictures on the globe?" Joey Owl asked, and again, Princess Rosie nodded, sitting down at her little table as Joey Owl continued, "Well, all the blue part is water.  There are oceans, rivers, bays, ponds, and lakes.  When I show you maps of your state, I can show you the water you swim in at Grandma and Poppy's, called Still Pond.  It's on the map," Joey Owl said. 
"See those two funny shaped pictures right below me, between my feet?"  Joey Owl asked. 
"Yes," Princess Rosie answered. 
"They are North and South America," Joey Owl explained.  "You, Princess Rosie, live in North America, with me, and most of your family and friends." 
Princess Rosie nodded.
"On the continent of North America there are three countries: Canada, The United States, and Mexico.  You, Princess Rosie, live in the United States.  And there is a special word for that: Citizen.  It means you were born in a country, and you live there, and the government of your country knows who you are and where you live.  Citizens are like the family of a country, all living, working, playing there together. 
"The United States is divided into fifty parts.  They are called states.  The state that you live in, Princess Rosie, is called Pennsylvania."  Joey Owl looked at Princess Rosie's face as she paid strict attention to what he was saying. 
"Mommy told me about Pennsylvania," Princess Rosie said, pointing to it. 
"Very good, Princess!  Within each state there are counties and cities, towns, villages, and country areas where there are farms.  A town is a community that's smaller than a city, but with more people than a country area, with more houses and buildings."  Joey Owl explained.  "Do you know the name of the town where you live, within the state of Pennsylvania, Princess Rosie?" he asked. 
Princess Rosie nodded, smiling and told him.  Joey Owl nodded. 
"That is correct.  We started with the whole world, then we got to the continent of North America, then the country of the United States, then the state of Pennsylvania, then your town.  We're almost to your palace, Princess!"  Joey Owl said excitedly. 
Princess Rosie clapped.  "Keep telling me!" she urged Joey Owl, who continued. 
"In your town, there are streets, boulevards, roads, highways, avenues, drives, turnpikes, bridges, lanes, paths, and other thoroughfares. Everyone lives on one kind of road, and you know the name of yours, correct?  Princess Rosie nodded and said the name of her drive and Joey Owl literally gave her a little peck on the cheek.  And on that street there is a lovely palace where Princess Rosie lives.  Houses and palaces don't have names, they have numbers.  Do you know the number of Princess Rosie's palace?" 
"The name of my palace is a number?" Princess Rosie asked, just to be sure. 
"Yes.  That is the first part of the name of your palace.  The full name of anyone's home is called its address."
"Like my full name is Princess Rosebella with my middle and last name?"  Princess Rosie asked.  "My palace has a long name?"
"Exactly!  The full name of your palace is:
The number, the street name, the town or city name, the state name, and the country name." 
"Wow!" Princess Rosie said, "My palace's name is even longer than mine!" 
"Yes it is.  And with the palace address, anyone can find you by using maps."  Joey Owl explained.  "Including yourself.  If you travel far away, you can tell someone your address, and they can help you find your way home by using maps."
"But my globe doesn't show my town or my street!" Princess Rosie looked worried. 
"Have no fear, Princess Rosie, globes are just one kind of map.  There are many kinds of maps, and you can even look maps up on the computer."  Joey Owl explained, and Princess Rosie went back to being excited about all she was learning. 
"Are there maps where I can see Boothwyn?" Princess Rosie asked. 
"Of course!" Joey Owl said, "Maps are pictures of places printed on paper instead of globes.  There are maps of the whole world, maps of each country, maps of each state in the United States, maps of cities, and maps of towns. 
"There are books of maps called Atlases.  And you can get street maps that show just the area you live in.  Maybe you could ask King Daddy if he has a map of Pennsylvania that he keeps in his truck, and he could show you your street and your house."
"That would be fun!" Princess Rosie clapped excitedly.  "Thank you, Joey Owl, for telling me about globes and maps!"
"You are welcome, Princess Rosie.  You will be learning how to read soon and then you can use maps to find your way all around the world.  And once you remember your address, no matter how far away you travel, you will always know where you live and how to find your way home." 

Earth is the planet where you and Princess Rosie live.
North America is the continent where Princess Rosie lives. 
The United States is the country where Princess Rosie lives.
Pennsylvania is the state where Princess Rosie lives.
Boothwyn is the city where Princess Rosie lives.
Princess Rosie's palace in on a street; is yours? 
Princess Rosie knows the house or lot number of her palace, do you? 

House or Lot Number, Street Name, City Name, State Name, Country Name

All on a big ball of soil and water and air that we call Earth.    

The End.