Saturday, November 7, 2015


An inkling of a breeze nudged puffy little white clouds across a medium blue sky on the day that Sir Whip and Sir Joey Owl met.  Nobody calls Ro princess much anymore, but it was a good run while it lasted.  Now she's into all kinds of other stuff. 
But the one thing that carried over from her tiny childhood into the here and now was her friendship with Joey Owl.  He hung out in the trees at the edge of their property in Boothwyn, and when the family made the move to Media, he followed right along.  He was old enough to take care of himself now, especially with all the wisdom he was born with. And he could fly over to Boothwyn and visit him mom and dad whenever he liked.  He could even take Ro with him; always an after-homework activity that she enjoyed. 
Ro shared everything with Joey Owl and he told her awesome stories about the Goddess Athena whom Ro and Kid Joey came to admire a great deal. 
When Joey Owl met Sir WHIP, they hit it off right away.  They started comparing notes about their interests, their adventures and explorations, the loved ones that they were in charge of protecting, and all sorts of other things they had in common.  Including the ability to fly and how much fun it was. 
Then it happened.  They started talking about aerobatics - tricks they could do while flying. 
That did it. 
Joey Owl and Sir WHIP made themselves big enough to carry a passenger (Kato opted to judge the dangerous feats from the ground) and Joey Owl (With Ro aboard as usual) and Sir WHIP, (with Kid Joey aboard, as usual) took off into the beautiful blue sky for the grand competition. 
Now mind you, neither Ro nor Kid Joey were novices at the whole flying-on-the-back-of-a-super-creature thing.  They both knew how to clamp their legs tight around the body of the owl/dragon, what to hold onto and what not to hold onto (wrapping arms around the owl/dragon's head, covering his eyes is obviously unadvisable - downright dangerous), and how to lean into banking turns so as not to tip the owl/dragon off-balance. 
But those rules and passenger skills only covered normal flights - to the store, to visit loved ones, to hang out with fairy and seagull friends, the usual. 
But on the day of the Aerobatic competition between owl and dragon, Kid Joey has said, he had never been more frightened in his life. 
Joey Owl and Sir WHIP each made themselves big enough to safely carry a passenger, and on Ro and Kid Joey climbed, ready for high adventure! They thought.  They actually had no idea what they were in for. 

High into the air the two winged creatures climbed, until they were even with the clouds - Sir WHIP actually dove through one, darting through it to the other side, with Kid Joey laughing all the while, like when someone comes up behind you and covers your eyes and says "guess who" and you can't see for a minute.  Fun! 
But that thrill was only the beginning. 
Joey Owl not only dove through the cloud, but banked a circle while still inside of it.  Of course Sir WHIP could not pass up that challenge and followed suit.  Swoop!  Circle complete and back out of the cloud at the same point where they'd entered it.  Kid Joey's tummy was still okay.  He liked flying fast and in circles.
But then Joey Owl turned his head backwards, (as owls are known to do quite well), and smiled at Ro who smiled right back, knowing exactly what he was up to.  She curled her legs tightly around Joey Owl's body, and her arms tightly around his neck, for she knew what was coming. 
Joey Owl sped up, flapping his powerful wings furiously, and then up he climbed, straightened his wings as his speed dropped and his tail feathers shifted down to kindof stall him in the climb, and he went upside down, then into a nose dive that he straightened out of by starting to flap his wings again.  He had done a loop-de-loop! 
All the while Sir WHIP and Kid Joey stared, wide-eyed at the spectacle, while Sir WHIP maintained his position in mid-air, politely waiting his turn to compete. 
Sir WHIP took a deep, sizzling breath, and breathed out smoke in his nervousness.  You see, he'd been flying since he was a little tiny dragon.  He'd been breathing fire since he was Kid Joey's age.  He always practiced his skills and kept them sharp. 
But right now he didn't know what to do.  It would be embarrassing to back out of this most prestigious competition (Joey Owl had relatives all the way back to the Goddess Athena, for Pete's sake!), but at the same time he was a little alarmed.  On his honor as a dragon he was sworn to protect Kid Joey.  He took his promise very, very seriously.  And he did a good job of it, too!  With the exception of setting the yard on fire a while back, he'd kept Kid Joey safe and sound and happy. 
If he was flying solo there would be no dilemma whatsoever. 
But Kid Joey was on his back, and his mama was inside the house making lunch.  He supposed Kato would run and get her should anything go wrong, but he was afraid that if something went wrong while Kid Joey was on his back, that his reputation as a protector would be forever destroyed. 
"You can do it, Sir WHIP!  Let's go!"  Kid Joey cheered his friend on, having complete faith in his flying skills. 
That was all it took.  Sir WHIP sucked in an enormous breath, flapped his wings with all his might (his butt was a sight lot bigger than that little owl's, let me tell you what!), and whipped his tail up under his belly, flipping his butt up over his head, as Kid Joey went from wild laughter to a long and loud terrified "whooooooooooooah!!!!" 
Kid Joey first saw sky, then clouds above him, then more sky, then grass above him, then sky again.  And his tummy felt like it was going to crawl out his mouth and dive into his pants' pockets. 
Through the whole loop he felt like he could NOT get his knees and legs tightly enough wrapped around Sir WHIP's neck, nor his hands clasped together tightly enough not to be yanked loose during the trick.  But worst of all, he was afraid that Sir WHIP would sneeze or gasp or even just breathe a little hard and barbecue his butt during the flip! 

And though everything worked out well and the two flying heroes tied in their competition, it was still the most frightening day in Kid Joey's life.  But hey - he's still young! 

TD - 10/27/2015

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