Saturday, December 26, 2015


Princess Rosie leapt out of bed, and hurried to the bathroom to use to toilet.  Then she went right back into her room and to her closet.  She wanted to look pretty because school would be starting in a few minutes.  She whooshed the dress down over head, and smoothed it out, then picked pretty pink socks to match it. 

Just as she was ready to leave her room and go see what Queen Mommy was putting in her lunch box, Joey Owl landed on her windowsill. 

"My, Princess Rosie, you look lovely today, is that a new dress?" Joey Owl said. 

Princess Rosie smiled and spun around making the skirt of the dress poof out.  "No, but I haven't worn it in a pretty long time." 

"Are you going someplace special?" Joey Owl asked.

"School, silly!"  Princess Rosie said, and started for her door so she wouldn't be late. 

"There isn't any school today, Princess Rosie, it's Saturday!"  Joey Owl said. 

"Saturday?" Princess Rosie said.

"Yes, it's the week-end.  Haven't you learned about the days of the week yet?" Joey Owl asked.

"A little bit.  Monday, Tuesday…Friday…" she got a little confused about them, still.  "My Nana is helping me learn them, but it's hard to remember them." Princess Rosie said, a little frustrated.

"It takes time to memorize things.  There are seven days in a week," Joey Owl said, and recited: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday."  He flew into the room and landed on the footboard of Princess Rosie's bed as she sat down on its edge and listened to what he had to tell her. 

For most people, Saturday and Sunday are week-end days, when they are off of work and school.  Those days are so that families and friends can spend time and have fun together.  Like King Daddy is usually off of work on the week-ends."

"Sometimes he works, though." Princess Rosie said. 

"True, sometimes there is extra work or special work to be done on week-ends and daddies or mommies need to go to work.  And some jobs, like stores and restaurants, are worked on the week-ends and the people who do those jobs have days off during the week."

"My Nana used to work in a store and worked every week-end."  Princess Rosie said.

"Yes.  And she had off on Mondays and Fridays," Joey Owl said, and Princess Rosie nodded. 

"But boys and girls go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Schools are closed on the week-ends," Joey Owl explained. 

"And I don't have school on Wednesday, because my mommy works.  I have special school with Nana on Skype.  I have regular school on days when Queen Mommy is home," Princess Rosie explained. 

"That's right," Joey Owl said.  You go to school on Monday and Tuesday, have off on Wednesday when Grandma and Poppy are here, then go to school on Thursday and Friday, then have off on the week-end."

"Can you tell me the week-days, Princess Rosie?" Joey Owl said.

"Monday, Tuesday…" she looked over at Joey Owl, "Is Wednesday a week-day, even though I don't have school?"

"Yes.  The week-days are all the days except Saturday and Sunday."  Joey Owl answered. 

Princess Rosie began again, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

"Right!  Very, very good, Princess Rosie!"  he clapped his wings…well, they didn't actually make a clapping sound, more like little whooshes when his feathers fluffed together, but Princess Rosie got the idea.  "And the week-end days?" he asked.

"Saturday and Sunday," Princess Rosie said, thinking that was an easy one. 

"And so what are the days of the whole week?" Joey Owl said. 

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday." Princess Rosie responded. 

"Very good!  And what days do you have school, Princess Rosie?" Joey Owl said.

"Monday, Tuesday, off on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday," Princess Rosie answered. 

"Very good!" Joey Owl said, and leapt into the air, flapped his wings once and landed on Princess Rosie's shoulder.  "And what is today?" he asked.

"Saturday!" Princess Rosie said, spinning around her room, her dress puffing out, and Joey Owl holding on tight so as not to fall off her shoulder. 

"And can we play tomorrow too?" Joey Owl asked. 

Princess Rosie thought for a moment, then her smile beamed, "Yes!  Tomorrow is Sunday!"

"And Sunday is…" Joey Owl started the sentence.

"A week-end day!" Princess Rosie finished the sentence in delight, still spinning and dancing around her room.

"And the day after tomorrow?" Joey Owl asked.

Princess Rosie stopped spinning to think, then looked sideways at Joey Owl.  "I'm not sure."

"Well, after the week-end, the week days start all over again.  So what day starts the weekdays?" Joey Owl said.

Princess Rosie thought some more, then smiled.  "Monday!" she said.

"That's right.  Monday and Tuesday you go to school.  Then, because you go to Nana School, which is special, you are off on Wednesday.  What are the last two days of your school week, Princess Rosie?"

"Ummmm…" Princess Rosie thought hard.  "I think it might be Thursday, after Wednesday."

"Yes, that's right.  And what's the last day before the week-end?"

"That's easy!  Nana told me that the other day, the last day of the week before the week-end is Friday!  That's when I start getting excited because I know that Daddy and Mommy will be home and together for the week-end." Princess Rosie answered. 

"Can we say the weekdays?" Joey Owl said, and together he and Princess Rosie recited: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

"And the week-end days?" Joey Owl said.  And together he and Princess Rosie recited: Saturday, Sunday.

"And the whole week now…all seven days?" Joey Owl said, and he and Princess Rosie recited together:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 

"Nana will be proud that I learned something on the week-end," Princess Rosie said as she skipped out of her room, Joey Owl flying just over her shoulder. 

They entered the palace kitchen where King Daddy was making breakfast.  "I was just about to come and get you!  I made eggs and toast and bacon, for our special week-end breakfast feast," he said as Princess Rosie sat down at the table and he put a plate in front of her. 

"Don't you think eggs are a pretty shade of yellow?" she said to Joey Owl.

"Yes! I do!" Joey Owl said.  "And bacon is a pretty reddish brown that is just perfect in one's tummy," he said, and leaned forward to smell the wonderful breakfast King Daddy had made for his friend. 

"Don't worry, Joey Owl, I made you some breakfast too."  King Daddy said, putting a smaller plate in front of Joey Owl. 

"It's fun to eat the color yellow!" Princess Rosie said, "It's like eating sunshine!" She popped a spoonful of eggs in her mouth. 

Just then Queen Mommy came into the kitchen with Prince Joseph and put him in his high chair.  Everyone enjoyed a happy and giggly week-end morning breakfast together and then went outside to play in the palace yard, for that's what the week-end is for! 

The End.

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