Saturday, December 5, 2015


Princess Rosie and Joey Owl
How Princess Rosie Finds Her Way Around

Terri DelCampo

The day after talking about maps and globes, Joey Owl visited Princess Rosie and found her in the back yard of the palace, playing with her doggie-friend, Cooper, through the fence.  After a few minutes, Queen Mommy said it was time for her to go inside and get Prince Joseph up from his nap.  Princess Rosie and Joey Owl said good-bye to Cooper, and headed inside to play in Princess Rosie's room. 
Once they got into her room, Joey Owl had an interesting question for her.  "How did you find your way from outside into your room?"
"That's silly, I just know!" Princess Rosie said.
"You didn't when you were a baby," Joey Owl said.
"Well, I'm a big girl now.  I know more things." Princess Rosie said.
"That's right.  And so do I.  I can find my way home from almost anywhere, but I couldn't always.  When I was very little, before I could read or even remember many things, I depended on my mommy and daddy to know how to get places, like all children do, human or owls."  Joey Owl said. 
"So as you get bigger you remember more stuff?"  Princess Rosie asked.
"Of course!  Look how many more things you remember and know than Prince Joseph.  You know all about where things are in your house, what things are called, how to speak to others, how to use the computer, and all sorts of things that he is just beginning to learn," Joey Owl said.  Princess Rosie nodded. 
"If you walk out your front door, you can find your way to your back yard because you know how your house is shaped, and which direction you need to turn to travel around the corner of the house, through the fence gate and into the back yard.  Prince Joseph hasn't learned that yet, but you have."  Joey Owl said. 
"Yes.  He is still learning the inside of the house, and we are not allowed to go out of the yard," Princess Rosie said. 
"That's right, Princess Rosie.  Queen Mommy and King Daddy don't allow you to go outside of the fence because you are still learning about your neighborhood and people and there are dangers if you wander away.  And you haven't learned how to get back home yet.  But you will.  And very soon," Joey Owl said.  "Finding your way around your neighborhood town, and country is just a bigger version of finding your way to your room.  As you travel, there will be familiar places, and things called landmarks to help you." Joey Owl explained. 
"What are landmarks?" Princess Rosie asked. 
"Landmarks are things that you see along the way when you are traveling, that are familiar, that remind you where you need to turn, or that show you how far along in your trip you are," Joey Owl explained, and continued, "Like when I am flying from my nest to your palace, I know that when I get to the Enchanted Pine Tree, I must fly to the right to get to your palace.  If I turn left, after a really long time, I will end up at your Poppy and Grandma's house."  Joey Owl explained.  "The Enchanted Pine Tree is a landmark." 
"When Queen Mommy and King Daddy take you to your Grandma and Poppy's house, you travel very far, on big roads, and when you come to a Corner Store in Still Pond, then you know Poppy and Grandma's house is very, very close." Joey Owl said. 
Princess Rosie nodded.  "Yes!  I know that place!  That's where we have to turn." 
"That's a landmark.  It's a place you remember that reminds you when you are close to Grandma and Poppy's. 
Princess Rosie clapped, excited that she knew about landmarks now.      
"Some are right inside your house." Joey Owl said.  "When walking down the hallway to your room, Prince Joseph's door, and the bathroom door are landmarks.  You know that they are on the way to your own door."
"And outside when I go on walks with Queen Mommy, I know my house because Mommy's car is in the driveway, and there are pretty flowers by the house," Princess Rosie said. 
"There are also landmarks that everybody in a town uses when they're telling friends how to get to their houses, like big shopping centers, banks, Fruit stands, unusual looking houses, or statues on corners where they will need to turn," Joey Owl said. 
"Like when I see Walmart, I know we're almost to the Produce Junction where Queen Mommy buys yummy fruit, or the Goodwill Store where Queen Mommy buys me toys and books!"
"See, you've got it, Princess Rosie.  Next time you go in the car to Mimi and Poppop's, whenever your mommy or daddy makes a turn, see if there's anything you can remember about the corner where they turned, to look for the next time you go.  Then when you see the landmark, you'll know you're getting close," Joey Owl suggested. 
"That's a fun idea!  I will do that," Princess Rosie said, already excited about visiting, and learning how to get there herself.  That would be so fun! 
"And pretty soon, when you start paying attention to where turns are made, you will begin to know how to get places yourself.  You may even be able to tell King Daddy or Queen Mommy where they need to turn!" Joey Owl said. 
"Would that make me their landmark?" Princess Rosie kidded. 
"And a talking one at that!" Joey Owl chuckled.  "That would make you a GPS."
"A what?" Princess Rosie asked.
"That's a whole new story!"  Joey Owl said.  "And I have to go home now because I promised my mommy I would clean my part of the nest." 
Princess Rosie waved through the window as her best friend flew toward the Enchanted Pine Tree, where he would turn and find his nest. 

The End.

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