Saturday, December 12, 2015


Thirst. Big problem in Rosieland today. Easily taken care of, of course, because the palace kitchen was well equipped to handle just about any thirst for any beverage: water from the coolest, deepest crystal springs, fruit juices freshly squeezed from exotic fruits from tropical lands, milk from the finest cows on the finest farms surrounding Rosieland, but on this day, the cinnamon applesauce juice (from a secret recipe of the Orchard Fairies) was on a shelf that Rosie couldn't reach yet. Princess Rosie could hear Queen Mommy working out, and new she should not interrupt her, so she took the half-empty jug of milk out and sat it on the counter. Now there was at least nothing in front of the bottle of chilly, apply, magical juice. She reached up, stretching her little royal arms as far as they would go and could just get her fingers around the juice bottle. She inched it forward until it was on the edge of the shelf and she could get a better hand-hold. She pulled it forward, slowly, slowly, and finally it leaned forward, but it was really heavy and Princess Rosie's arms were stretched way high over her head, and she was on her tippy toes and she wobbled, wobbled….
Swoop! Suddenly, a blur of feathers, and the juice bottle was safely in Joey Owl's talons, being flown carefully to the counter. Princess Rosie, properly rescued from the near catastrophe, put the almost empty milk jug back on the shelf in the fridge and closed the door.
"Can you pour this okay?" Sir Joey Owl asked, perched on the counter. Princess Rosie got a sippy cup out of the dishwasher that she'd seen Queen Mommy do hundreds of times, and nodded to her friend. "I think so. It's pretty heavy, though," she replied. "I'm trying not to bother Mommy because she's working out," she explained.
"Yes, that's very considerate of you, Princess Rosie, but sometimes we all need help. Think about this:   Suppose you dropped the juice and the bottle crashes on the floor and breaks so there's broken glass everywhere and juice all over the place, and it's a big mess that Queen Mommy has to clean up?" Joey Owl suggested, and Princess Rosie could just see it in her mind. It would be big work for Queen Mommy to clean up such a mess, and she already had so very much to do every day, taking care of the palace housework, doing royal laundry, preparing meals for the whole family, taking care of the palace grounds, taking care of her lungs with her nebulizer, working out to keep her body in shape to do all of that and so she wouldn't get sick. That was why she was trying to help and not bother Queen Mommy right now. She looked up at her friend. "I'll wait for my juice until Queen Mommy is finished with her workout," she said, a little sadly, for she truly thirsted in a big way, but princesses must be patient, especially when it came to caring about others.
"Well," Sir Joey Owl said, backing up to the juice, "Do as I say and I can help you." He leaned up against the bottle. "Tilt the bottle so it leans against my back," he said and Princess Rosie did so. "Yes, that's it," he said and leaned lower so the bottle's neck was positioned just right over the sippy cup, then with a tiny flap of his wings, Joey Owl rose up so that the juice poured, then landed softly and nudged the bottle upright, and Princess Rosie replaced the lid. She put the lid on her sippy cup, and looked at the bottle of juice.  
"Thank you, Sir Joey Owl, for being my knight in shining feathers yet again, but how will I get the bottle back into the refrigerator?" Princess Rosie said.
Joey Owl flew up, grabbed the bottle in his talons and flew to the fridge while Princess Rosie opened its mighty door. She put her hands around the bottle and guided it onto the shelf as Joey Owl hovered over her head, still firmly gripping the top of the bottle in his strong talons until it was safely on the shelf. Then Princess Rosie closed the door.
As she sat at the table with her juice and the peanut butter crackers, Joey Owl joined her.
"You know, Princess Rosie, there are times when you have to make a difficult choice, even when you're trying to be considerate. Sometimes the choice is to put someone else's needs before your own, like you did just now. You accepted help doing something for yourself. And, if I hadn't been here, you knew that you should wait for Queen Mommy to be finished with her workout and help you with the juice. That was a good decision," Joey Owl said, and Princess Rosie smiled.
"I'm getting bigger every day, and I know all sorts of things,, Princess Rosie said, nodding.
"Yes you do. And Queen Mommy and King Daddy like very much how responsible you are becoming. But the most responsible people know that everyone needs help now and then." Joey Owl said.
"Yes. I get it," Princess Rosie said, still nodding.
"There are certain things you should always have help with," Joey Owl said. "Like anything that could hurt you: working with scissors, answering the door, lifting something heavy, using the stove, or anything in the kitchen, especially knives or kitchen tools. There are sometimes hidden dangers that young people don't realize."
"Even in answering the door?" Princess Rosie asked.
"Absolutely," Joey Owl said. "You should always wait and answer the door with King Daddy and Queen Mommy, because that's the polite way to greet guests, even your friends. It lets them know that the whole royal family is here to welcome them into the palace, no matter who they've come to visit. Everyone should let the friend know that the whole family says hello. The door should be opened by Queen Mommy or King Daddy, Princess Rosie, never by you alone. It just isn't correct for a princess to open a door. That's kingly and queenly duty. Understand?"
Princess Rosie smiled, "And I'm not a queen until I'm much older and Queen Mommy is very old and passes her throne on to me," Princess Rosie said.
"That's right. You're learning many things, very quickly, but there are royal duties for the king and queen that you are not quite ready for. And there are secret royal security reasons why not, that you will learn as you get older. As you learn to read you will be able to understand the royal decrees for yourself. For now you must take King Daddy and Queen Mommy's word for it," Joey Owl explained.
"Okay, I get it," Princess Rosie said, polishing off her juice and putting her sippy cup in the sink. With her thirst quenched, she ran to the door of Queen Mommy's workout room. "Sir Joey Owl and I are going into the Royal Woods to see if we can find some fairy friends to play tag with," Princess Rosie said. Queen Mommy nodded.
"Okay, Princess Rosie, but stay with Joey Owl. There are many trees and you must stay safe."
"Okay, Mommy!" Princess Rosie agreed. She waved and hurried to the door, Joey Owl flying along over her shoulder, hoping to find the bush fairies, for they flew low, and fast, just right for tag. Of course you couldn't touch fairies, you have to catch them in a butterfly net and sit them on a bush rather than actually tag them. And they in turn just landed on your shoulder to tag you. Otherwise there would be crashed fairies all over the place and the Royal Woods would be a dreadful mess at the end of the game!
And thus another morning passed happily in Rosieland!  

The End.

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