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Kid Joey sat in his room playing with Matchbox cars, because it never got old. With all the special stuff he could do, with all of his cool friends like Sir WHIP the magical, fire-breathing dragon, Kato his faithful four-legged, tail wagging side-kick, and all the wonderful adventures he ended up having, sometimes it just did his soul good to sit and roll his little cars around. 
What he hadn't noticed was that Gramps Blaze had stopped outside his bedroom door, smiling, with a mischievous glint in his eye.
Suddenly, Kid Joey looked up and gasped.  He was in a swirling, spinning whirlwind, his room long gone below him, the only thing still clutched in his hand, his knuckles turning white around it, as a matter of fact, was the orange Lamborghini he'd been holding onto at the moment when the swirling had begun. 
He could look down and see his house, yard, street, and neighborhood.  He saw Kato chasing Brie in the back yard while Rosie practiced cartwheels.  He saw Dad putting some hot dogs on the grill, and Mom sitting in the lawn chair getting some sun and fresh air. 
He waved, hanging on tight to the little car in his hand, for if he dropped it from this height, it would smash into smithereens, and it was his favorite little car.  Well, one of his favorites, anyway. 
How could the family not see him whooshing around up here?  How could they miss it?  He was yelling his head off and no one even looked up at the sky at all!  And Mom was leaning her head back.  If she just opened her eyes she couldn't help but see him. 
No such luck.  Everybody just carried on with what they were doing, not noticing that their son, brother, pal, Kid Joey was twirling around in the clouds, holding onto a little car that had begun to glimmer in his hand.  He watched it begin to waver, sort of like when you look ahead at the road on a hot day, and it sort of shimmers.  The car in his hand shimmered like that for a few moments, and then it began to grow.  It grew and grew as Kid Joey held onto it, almost losing his grip when it got too big for his hand to wrap around.  But he'd latched onto the steering wheel, and finally pulled himself into the seat, for the car was now full size!
What was going on, for Pete's sake! Kid Joey looked around himself as the car his butt was currently seated in hovered above his house.  Still, no one in the yard noticed.  Even Mrs. Levy next door, who'd come outside to pick some tomatoes hadn't noticed him up here, he thought, and she was used to looking into the sky to locate Sir WHIP, at least twice a day at meal times. 
But not today.  No one saw him up there. 
Except Gramps Blaze.  And Gramps Blaze smiled and twitched his finger in Kid Joey's direction, causing the flying car to turn in the other direction and move away from the house, and the neighborhood, too, for that matter. 
Kid Joey looked around the car as it sped through the air, even faster than it could move on streets, and wondered where the heck he was headed.  And how had he ended up with a magic car to ride in?  He'd thought that only happened in fairy tales and movies, but he should have known something like this could happen in his family.  Let's face it, magic lived at his house – and Nana Rose's house, Nana Terri and Gramps Blaze's house, Mrs. Levy's house, and even in the little house that Sir WHIP lived in, since he'd taken up residence there, anyway. 
Kid Joey clapped in delight when he saw that he was headed for a racetrack not far home his house.  How cool is this, he thought as the car zoomed through the air, and then touched down on the track.  He held the wheel tight, and went for it!  Around and around the oval track he zoomed, just like the big guys!  At first he didn't think he would be able to reach the pedals, or even know what to do with them if he could, but they seemed to grow to his feet, and though the car seemed to do what he meant for it to do, it corrected if he made a mistake and kept him on the track. 
He saw that he was going over 300 miles an hour, and almost fainted.  He didn't think that was possible! 
And then, after several minutes of breaking every speed record on earth, the Lamborghini suddenly shot into the air toward home.  Wow! 
Kid Joey's heart beat fast in his chest, and he wore a huge grin when the car began to spin again, this time with him inside of it, and it shrunk to the size of his Big Wheel and darted into his house through Kid Joey's window, still getting smaller all the while. 
Just as the car became too small for Kid Joey to fit inside it anymore, it hovered over his bed, turned itself upside down and dumped him out.
As Kid Joey bounced on his bed, giggling, giddy from his cool Lamborghini adventure, he caught sight of Gramps Blaze and bolted off his bed to run and give him a hug. 
"You won't believe it, Gramps Blaze!  I went for a ride in an orange Lamborghini!"
"You've been in race cars before at the car shows with your dad," Gramps Blaze said, not all that impressed.
"Yeah, but they didn't fly!"
"Oh come on, wee man. Don't be pulling an old man's leg now!"  Gramps Blaze said, ruffling Kid Joey's hair as they made their way down the hall toward the back door where they could both smell grilling meat.
But what he said, and the twinkle in his eye told two different stories. 
"You forgot about the part where you went 300 miles an hour," Gramps Blaze said quietly, leaving Kid Joey standing open-mouthed, his head tilted, loving his Gramps Blaze's shenanigans.   

TD – 1/2/2016

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