Saturday, January 2, 2016


Joey Owl met the Cat in the Hat

Who asked him a question, just like that!

First he politely said, how do you do,

Then said does your queen have a Quackeroo? 

The quick Queen of Quincy does,

They're all the rage!

They quack for their supper!

They quack from their cage!

They quack when they're running around in a group,

They quack when they're sipping on purple pea soup

They quack in their sleep in their big yellow coop!

They even quack when they're taking a poop! 

I happen to have one just under my hat

Yellow and quacking said the Cat in the Hat.

And indeed Joey Owl heard a quack quack quack quack

And saw on the cat's head some Quackeroo tracks!

Queen Mommy saw Joey Owl come in the door

As he had so many times before,

But today he brought with him somebody new,

Who bowed, tipped his hat and from under it flew

A bright yellow, fuzzy necked Quackeroo!

Queen Mommy said "Oh!" and took a step back

As the Quackeroo ran in a circle and quacked.

He quacked at Queen Mommy and Joey Owl too

He saw Princess Rosie and quacked at her too!

He quacked at the cat til his face was quite blue

And quacked at Joey Owl as Quackeroos do!

He quacked really loud as he pooped on the floor

And Queen Mommy said, "Take him back out the door!

Until he learns how to not poop on the floor!

The Cat said, "you must build him a coop,

A place where Quackeroos eat, sleep, and poop.

And then he will make you a marveloo pet!"

Said the Cat in the Hat, "the best pet yet!"

Quackeroo quacked circles around every tree

Every bench, every statue and even round me!

Princess Rosie followed him quacking too,

Waddling just like the Quackeroo.

King Daddy pulled up in his big work truck

Princess Rosie said, "Joey Owl, we're in luck!"

She ran to her daddy just bursting with news

Of the Cat in the Hat and his Quackeroo. 

"I have just the thing," King Daddy said with a smile

While searching the back of his truck all the while.

In a moment he pulled out big boards of yellow,

And said, "These will make quite a coop for the fellow!"

And set right to work upon building a coop

A house where Quackeroos eat sleep and poop!

The Cat in the Hat called Thing One and Thing Two

From under his hat from the Village of Who.

And they helped King Daddy build Coop Quackeroo!

Queen Mommy said, "What do Quackeroos eat?"

And the Cat in the Hat said, "blue porcupine meat!

And yellow goop salad and green squash pie!

Are favorites of his you can make if you try."

Queen Mommy, King Daddy, and Princess Ro too

Said bye to the Cat and Thing One and Thing Two

As Joey Owl played tag with the new Quackeroo.

It's new coop was handsome, the work of a pro,

And the Quackeroo now had his own place to go.

Princess Rosie each day brought him green squash pie

And his yellow goop salad that Queen Mommy would buy.

And most times he'd offer the princess a seat

Whenever she brought him blue porcupine meat!

For it was his favorite and he never lacked

A please and a thank you that came out quack quack!

The End.


  1. I would like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Seuss for his brilliant creations, especially for The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 who were among my favorites.

  2. Hi Rosie! Remember this one? Hee Hee! You giggled the whole time I read it to you! Love you! Give Joey a hug for me, okay! I think about you guys all the time, and hope you are enjoying this blog. Hugs! Love, Nana

  3. Super verse, Terri! Many's the story from Dr. Seuss I read to my children. Your Quackeroo is amazing!