Saturday, February 6, 2016


Duchess Nana had a package almost ready to go to the Rosieland Palace in Roseland. Inside, a book for Queen Mommy took up almost all the room in the small box, but not quite.
Floppy (who got her name from her big, floppy ears) watched Duchess Nana Skype with Princess Rosie every day, and wanted nothing more in her whole life than to travel to the Rosieland Palace and live with Princess Rosie and all of her magical friends. When she saw the package on the table, she saw her chance. Now or never, she thought, knowing if she squeezed and wiggled, she could get into the box.
As Floppy tried to sneak into the box, Duchess Nana picked it up and sent Floppy sliding across the table on her furry little butt, ears spinning out like propellers as the little bunny sailed toward the edge of the table.  
Duchess Nana reached out and caught Floppy just in time, and said, "You know, if you climb in this box you'll be in for a bumpier ride than the one you just got, Miss Floppy Bunny!"
Floppy didn't care. She just wanted to live with Princess Rosie and play with Joey Owl, Prince Joseph, Gary, Angela, Shecky, Ozzie, Shirley & Early, and all of Princess Rosie's other cool friends.
Duchess Nana sensed this, and said, "Okay, I will charge you with a royal errand: You ride with Queen Caitlin's book to the Rosieland Palace. When you arrive, you will be a brand new friend for Princess Rosie, and you must see that Prince Joseph gets the little car I'm sending for him. Understood?"
"Understood! Yes Ma'am!" Floppy happily agreed, squeezing herself into the box. It was a really, really tight fit, but it was only a two-day trip.
Duchess Nana sighed, "not even a kiss and hug good-bye…"
Floppy squeezed back out of the box, gave Duchess Nana a huge hug and kiss, then squeezed back in and felt Duchess Nana put in the car for Prince Joseph.
Then it got very dark as Duchess Nana closed up the box, so Floppy decided to take a two-day nap! That would be nice, so she would be all rested up when she arrived at the Rosieland Palace.
Hah! Little did she know of the adventure she embarked upon!
The first thing at the UPS store, Floppy felt herself flying through the air as someone tossed the box to someone else inside a big truck. Her box was tossed into the bin in the truck. Then there was the loooong ride from Georgia to Pennsylvania, during which Floppy did sleep, very snug with the book and little car.
You want to talk about rude awakenings though! Wow! The whole bin went sliding down a ramp, like a big sliding board: WHEE!!
Then KA-THUNK! The bin landed on the floor in the big UPS building in Pennsylvania.
The box got sorted into another bin headed to Boothwyn, and then into an even smaller bin that went onto a smaller UPS truck that would take Floppy's box to Princess Rosie's address at the Rosieland Palace. Duchess Nana had written the address on the box, but Floppy had memorized it as well because, after all, Rosieland Palace would be her home from now on.
Suddenly, Floppy felt like she was flying again. The truck had stopped, she noticed.
Her little heart beat very fast in her chest.
She could hardly wait to see Princess Rosie's beautiful face with her shiny soft hair, kind eyes, funny giggle and cute little nose.
And she would love King Daddy and Queen Mommy and Prince Joseph too, as her new adopted family.
And she would play in the Royal Woods and gardens and eat royal carrots and tomatoes! And play with Princess Rosie's magical friends in Rosieland forever and ever!
Am I here yet, she wondered.
Suddenly there was light as Queen Mommy opened the box, and Floppy Bunny knew that, yes, she had arrived safe and sound. Princess Rosie was due home from nursery school at any moment, and Prince Joseph would soon wake up from his nap, surprised with the new car that Duchess Nana had sent him. She couldn't wait for hugs from Princess Rosie! Soon she would be all settled into Princess Rosie's beautiful room with all her other stuffies and Gary Gargoyle, Joey Owl, and even the little friendly monsters under Princess Rosie's bed!  She could hardly wait! 
Sure enough in less than half an hour Princess Rosie was curled up on the couch nibbling graham crackers and listening to Floppy Bunny's travel adventure.  She was home at last, and Princess Rosie gave her a great big hug. 

The End.

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  1. Great story, filled with adventure, Terri! A long trip that ended well for everyone.