Friday, July 15, 2016


One morning Jo was the first one awake in the whole house.  Even Kato wasn't up and slurping yet, but curled up with Ro, still deep in his little doggie dreams. 

Jo used the bathroom, and on his way back to his room, it felt like he was walking uphill.  Weird. 

Weirder still, once in his room, he began to feel like he was leaning to the left…or, perhaps…

Could it be that the house was leaning? 

Something was up, for sure, and Jo walked over to his window, shoving a few toys out of his way with his foot to clear that path. 

He saw…


The sky was there, all blue with those little puffy clouds and all, but the side yard was gone.  The street in front of their house was gone, everything was gone.  Just sky! 

The house was floating in the air! 

"Wow!" Jo said on a sigh, "What the…?"

He stood in front of his window for a moment, trying to figure it out.  How could their house be up in the air?  It was heavy, so without wings or an engine it was impossible for it to fly. 

Yet here it was, up in the air, no land in sight, nothing but air and sunshine. 

Jo sat on the edge of his bed, trying to figure out what to do.  He supposed most kids would run to their parents, scared, but he didn't want to be a baby and do that.  Even Kid Joey, (Jo as a very little boy before he'd started training as a member of Team RoJo) wouldn't have been scared.  He would have tried to figure things out for himself – and that is exactly what older Jo would do. 

He looked out the window again.  The house was fairly steady, actually.  It tilted a little bit here and there when the wind blew, but for the most part the whole thing seemed safe, just in the air.  He smiled and supposed nobody had ever before felt turbulence in their house, only when traveling in air planes.  Ha!  Ro would have to write this down in the Family Journal! 

Ro!  He should wake her up.  This could be a quest for Team RoJo. 

But then, Ro always seemed to be solving problems and knowing what to do.  She already had more scales than Jo.  Maybe it was his turn to fix something.  To figure out what to do. 

Still standing at the window, he closed his eyes and tried to feel his power inside him, in his mind, in his arms, in his hands and fingers.  He made fists, then stretched his fingers out, again and again, until he could feel his power tingling. 

With his eyes still closed, he imagined his normal view out the window, trees, grass, neighbor's houses, the street and driveway with cars parked on them. 

He took a very deep breath, then let it out, and whispered, waving his hands as if he were washing the window in front of him, "Everything come back, I want to see everything as it used to be."

When he opened his eyes, everything that belonged in front of his window was there!  Yay! 

He hurried and grabbed clothes out of his drawer, dressed himself, and ran to the back door in the kitchen, on his way to the RoJo Fort. 

He almost screamed when he pushed open the screen door, ready to leap out of it. 

There was nothing there but air and clouds! 

He yanked the screen door shut with a bang, and slammed the inside door as well, his heart beating so fast he thought it would jump out of his chest!  He ran back to his bedroom, surprised that everyone – Mom, Dad, Ro, Kato, and Brie – hadn't heard the gasping, banging screen door, slamming back door, not to mention his running feet in the hallway.  More weirdness. 

But the main weirdness was the floating house. 

And now, the floating neighborhood, since he'd used his power, he thought, looking out his window to see everything the way it was supposed to be…but floating up in the air along with his own house. 

Was he the one floating his house too?  Was it all because of his power? 

He thought about it for a few moments.  What had he been doing just before he saw that the house was floating?

Using the bathroom. 

Could that have had something to do with the house floating? 

There had been soap bubbles in the sink when he'd washed his hands – he thought they were cool.  He thought how cool it would be to float through the air like a bubble, being able to see everything, everywhere.

Hmmm.  Could he have somehow thought that and his power made it come true? 

"Wow!" Jo said.  "How cool is that?"  And then he thought about it.  "And how bad is that?  Me floating is one thing, but the whole house and neighborhood?  I have to do something!" 

He sat in the middle of his bed, folding his legs like a pretzel, and closed his eyes.  Usually he could go outside and practice using his power, but today, there was no going outside, at least until he'd already used it.  He'd made this happen, apparently, while standing at the bathroom sink.  So he figured he could fix it sitting in the middle of his bed. 

He breathed in and out a couple of times, until he felt calm, and could feel his power tingling throughout his body. 

"Okay," he whispered.  "I am ready for the bubble to land, gently on the earth, and for my neighborhood and house to land exactly where it was before, and for everything to be exactly the way it was before I dreamed about floating in a bubble."

He saw it all in his mind, the house and chunk of his neighborhood floating inside a giant bubble, slowly drifting down, down, down until it settled into place right where it was supposed to be. 

Jo leapt from his bed and ran to the back door.  There it was!  There was the yard, the fence, the RoJo Fort!  He opened the back door, then the screen door, and, holding onto the door jamb, he reached his leg out and touched his foot to the back step.  Solid.  He, still holding the door frame, stood on the back step, then tested the ground around the house.  Solid. 

Behind him Ro's voice said, "What's going on?  You're up and dressed already?" just as Kato darted past Jo and into the yard, having to pee like usual in the morning.  Soon, Brie, having heard the commotion in the kitchen followed Kato out, and once they'd taken care of their businesses, began to chase each other and romp around in the grass. 

Jo turned to his sister, who was getting milk out of the fridge, and smiled. 

"You have some writing to do in the Family Journal.  I think I might have just earned a scale." 

"Really?" Ro said, looking up at him after pouring them each a cup of milk.  "What did you do?"

When he told her, she nodded.  "Oh yeah!  Scale city for you!"

When they'd finished breakfast, Ro and Jo crossed the back yard and went into the fort, followed by Kato and Brie, panting from all their exercise and play in the yard.  They ran right to their water bowls and began lapping for all they were worth. 

Ro and Jo stopped in their tracks in the doorway, staring at the table in the middle of the fort. 

Well, actually they stared at the space directly above the table.  There was Jo's sparkly orange "Use Your Power to Fix a Mistake" Scale – floating about three feet in the air. 

Ro and Jo smiled, nodding, and said at exactly the same time, "Gramps Blaze!  It was a test." 

Jo grabbed the scale and said, "I only wanted to float in a bubble by myself, not float the whole house," as he attached it to his vest, and Ro grabbed the Family Journal and wrote down Jo's story.  "That's why the scale is for fixing a mistake.  I'll bet Gramps Blaze is sitting in his house drinking his coffee, having a good laugh about messing with me already this morning!"

Miles and miles away from Ro and Jo's house, Gramps Blaze indeed sat at his kitchen table, drinking his coffee and watching the squirrels munch all the food he'd placed outside for them. 

Suddenly, his Marine coffee mug lifted off the table, and floated up, up, up into the air, all the way to the ceiling, out of Gramps Blaze's reach, even when he stood up! 

A huge smile crossed his face as he watched his mug of coffee floating there, perfectly level, as if teasing him, "Ha, ha, ha!  You can't reach me!" 

It floated there for a few moments, then began to come back down, finally settling gently on the table, exactly where it had been before, and Gramps Blaze sat back down, chuckling.  "Okay, Jo, you got even.  Good job," he said, taking a sip of his piping hot coffee. 

Ro, miles and miles away in the RoJo fort, smiled, hearing Gramps Blaze's thought, and told Jo.  They both laughed and ran outside to play for awhile with their doggie pals, hoping that Sir WHIP and BEN Owl would show up so they could have an adventure. 

TD – 7/15/2016

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  1. Another great tale, Terri! Jo passed another test with gusto. Gramps Blaze wasn't able to pull anything over on him.