Sunday, August 28, 2016


Stuck in bed because she didn't feel well, Mom said she wished she could get up and do something – anything – to get rid of the bored feelings. 
"If you could do something right now, what would it be?" Jo asked, as he and his sister, Ro, sat on the edge of Mom's bed, petting Kato and Brie who had piled in to keep Mom company. 
"Oh, I don't know, I'm kindof tired from my medicine, maybe just play the piano or something.  Anything but just lie here and watch TV, ugh!" 
Jo smiled at Ro, and, being able to read his thoughts, she gradually learned of his idea, and nodded, smiling right back at him. 
"We can do that," she said, and turned to Mom.  "Close your eyes and think really hard about the song you want to play on the piano," she said to Mom. 
Mom was already lying back on her stack of pillows, resting, so closing her eyes was an easy thing for her to do, though she wished she were resting on a beach chair with her toes dangling in the water watching a sunset.  But she decided to play along with whatever the children had in mind, and began to picture her fingers playing notes on the piano. 
Ro picked up Mom's thoughts, saw the notes in her own mind, and, using her power, sent those picture thoughts to Jo, like a little movie in his head. 
Before long, Ro had the whole song in her head, and sent it, little by little to her brother, with her mind. 
When Mom was finished playing the song in her imagination, Jo sat on the floor and leaned against the side of her bed.  Kato leaned his head over the edge of the bed just far enough to give Jo a little lick on the ear, wondering what his buddy was up to. 
As Jo sat there on the floor, he held his hands out in front of him, his fingers arched, and began to move them, exactly as Mom had moved hers in the pictures Ro had sent him in his mind. 
Jo's fingers moved as if he were playing the piano, and as he did, there beside Mom's bed, piano notes floated up out of the piano in the living room through the air down the hall, and into Mom's bedroom. 
Mom grinned in delight at the sound of the music – her music, songs she'd made up that no one else knew; songs she'd never written down anywhere. They'd only existed in her head, or when she played them every now and then on her piano.
Now her son and daughter were playing her songs!  Beautiful notes her daughter had magically seen in Mom's head, and that her son magically played on the piano, without even touching it, and from a whole different room, no less, bounced through the air, back into Mom's head and cheered her completely up!
Ro and Jo saw the huge smile, filled with pride on Mom's face. 
"Do you feel better now?" Ro asked, as she snuggled up to Mom on one side and Jo snuggled up to Mom on the other.
"I feel wonderful!" she said, hugging them closer to her.  "Let's play another song!" 


  1. Way sweet,Terri! Ro and Jo know how to cheer Mom up for sure.

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